A Change of Season – Bryleigh House

A Change of Season

Hi friends!

We are fully back into the swing of things after taking a month off over the Summer/ Christmas season and are feeling fully refreshed and ready to take on this year with full force.
We gave the studio space a makeover with the look and feel we have always wanted and boy oh boy do we just love it. New shelving to hold lots of new beautiful products, new display tables, new chairs for the both of us to sit on whist we work- nothing like surrounding yourself with lovely things to get the creative forces going.

We have lots of lovely new products, coffee table books, more home decor items with more to come- throws, vases, stools lots and lots of pretty.

Bryleigh House saw us launch a new line of wreaths with the most stunning plant dyed silk ribbons and storage boxes available in store and now online. Using seasonal flowers from our micro flower farm and taking inspirations for the latest collection from delicate gemstones, you will see a rainbow of sapphire, ruby, amethyst and opal.

Our garden beds, well wow the dahlias are AH mazing!! This past year has seen us set up the garden beds and test out what we would be successful in growing in our climate. And yep the Dahlia's made it! The rose beds have settled in and we are so looking forward to the next season of blooms when we will have longer stems and more buds. 

And what is even more exciting we are now open two days a week from our studio and garden venue at 36 Walkers Rd Woodend

Wednesday's and Fridays 10am-3pm

Flower friends if your interested in a potential wholesale list we would love to hear from you and any feedback of what you are looking for. 

Cait and Jess

Bryleigh House